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Did You Know:
46% of all black men who have sex with other men have HIV. That's almost 1 out of every 2 brothas you meet.

Living With HIV
When you first learn that you are HIV-positive, it's important to learn more about HIV and how to deal with it. This include how to choose a HIV Care Provider to how to tell others of your status.

How To Receive The Best Medical Care For HIV

Recently Diagnosed? You Are Not Alone

Is Precum Dangerous?
Can HIV and other STD's be transmitted via precum? YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSS!
Get FREE HIV testing! click here
Additional Resources

Email From A Brotha You May Have Slept With
Before that next hookup or before sexin' that brotha you've been dating, you better read this! He could have wrote this!

HIV Reinfection and Positive Prevention
Although you have HIV, doesn't mean that you can't catch it again.

Discovering The "A Spot"
Similar to the "G spot" that the Sistas have, brothas have an "A Spot." Find out where it is and how to hit it every time.
  Find an LGBT-Friendly Healthcare Provider

When I Get That Feeling...I Want Sexual Healing
Marvin Gaye, no pun intended, said it best. It's something that's good for me, you and us. Unfortunately, many of us aren't sexually healed. Get the guidelines on sexual healing to foster feelings of greater aliveness, sensual pleasure and contentment.
  Sex Inventory
How many bothas have you been with? Yeah man, sexually! Or do you even know how many? Do you remember their names? What about their HIV status? Knowing your own sexual history is beneficial to living a longer and healthier life. Take your Sex Inventory NOW! Your life will be changed! We promise!

Ground Rules for Exploring Fantasies
Before you begin to explore your fantasies or try anything that could be remotely construed as "alternative," you and your partner need to observe a few ground rules.



Understanding HIV
It's been reported that nearly every other brotha you meet have HIV. Yes, almost 46%. Some know they have it while others don't! Some will share this information with you while others won't! So it's important to take responsibility for yourself and understand the disease! This knowledge could save your life and help you respect those living with the disease. But wait, when was the last time YOU were tested brotha?

FACT: 46% of all brothas who have sex with other dudes have HIV.
FACT: 9 out of 10 HIV infected people are unaware they are infected.

Get FREE HIV testing! click here

How To Receive The Best Medical Care For HIV

Helpful Sites To Help You Live Longer With HIV:
The Body
Ask The Experts Forums, Handling HIV Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention & more.

Understanding HIV, Treatment Information, Online Support, Personals & more.

Knowingly Spreading HIV?
You could be commiting a Felony. Find out your state's law before you keep it on the DL! Brothas in the ATL, please read on!

HIV & Chatrooms

Telling Others You're HIV Positive

HIV Reinfection and Positive Prevention   How To Receive The Best Medical Care For HIV


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